When to Replace Your Windows or Doors: Recognizing the Signs

How do you know when it’s actually time to replace the windows or doors for your home in Northeast Wisconsin? Well, there are some more obvious reasons. For example, you’ll want to replace a broken window or door. You will also want to replace a window that’s permanently painted shut. (True story: One of my clients purchased a house only to find out that some windows were painted shut.) But let’s look at some other, less obvious signs that your windows and doors need replacing.

Foggy Panes and Broken Seals

If you see any fogginess or moisture in between the panes of glass packs, this means the seal is broken. At the very least, the glass pack needs to be replaced. Usually, it’s better to replace the whole window, depending upon the age of the current failed one. When windows or doors fail, I recommend checking with the manufacturer and confirming if the product is still under warranty.

Addressing Mold Concerns

If there is any black mold present, that is always a significant sign that window replacement should be done. Mold can be harmful to health and is also difficult to get rid of completely. No matter what customers do to remove mold, the mold typically comes back shortly afterwards.

Energy Efficiency Dwindles Over Time

If energy efficiency matters to you, then the age of the window should matter also. Normally, the insulating properties, such as a gas admitted into the glass pack, slowly evaporate from the window over time. The loss of insulating properties leaves a window energy-inefficient. From studies I read and from my years of experience, gasses or seals protecting the gasses in the glass pack normally last 10 to 20 years.

Adding to a Home’s Value

If you’re looking to sell your home within the next few years, then updating the windows can help you obtain the most value for your house. Additionally, replacement windows can help avoid delays in mortgage and real estate transactions. Some windows and doors don’t pass inspections or appraisals. Repair or replacement is needed. Unfortunately, you may need to pay more for rush jobs or delay the sale. Replacing windows years before selling a home allows sellers to achieve their end goal. They are satisfied with the selling price and sell the home within their desired time frame.

Timing Your Window Replacements

If you recently purchased a house and plan to live in the house for a while, replacing windows makes sense. Window and door replacement prices will only increase over time. The sooner you replace the windows, the sooner you can enjoy the quality replacements. You’ll enjoy the attractive, energy-efficient windows for as long as you’re in the house.

Social and Financial Considerations

If you like to “Keep up with the Jones’s,” as they say, there may be more to it than envy in this case. If some or most of your neighbors have recently updated their windows and doors and you have not, that does not necessarily mean that your house is worth less. But what does matter is when it comes time to sell the home. Outdated windows not only are more likely to have defects, which can prolong the closure of such properties. They also could possibly have a negative effect on the amount of money you were hoping to get from the sale.

Tax Incentives & Financial Benefits

Another thing to consider: Tax credits may be available for window replacement. An energy-efficiency tax credit may help you decide when to start a project. I recommend checking with your tax consultant to find out if you qualify and learn more about tax credits. I am not a licensed tax consultant and cannot provide tax advice. However, I am a licensed general contractor who’s worked in home renovation and construction since I was a teen. I work with multiple window manufacturers, making it easy to provide the colors and styles that homeowners desire. Contact me today about window and door replacement and home renovation projects in Northeast Wisconsin.