About Us

Small-Town Values & Work Ethic

Hello, I’m Jerry Throw, owner of Apple Tree Custom Windows and Doors. I grew up in rural Wisconsin, usually playing somewhere down by the creek with my little sister in Sobieski, Wisconsin. My family ties are strong in Northeast Wisconsin, and that means a lot to me. My ancestors were hardworking, dedicated, and precise in their work. The train didn’t stop there. Instead, it grew another engine! When I started my own family, I felt good knowing my parents’ and grandparents’ attributes will live on through me. My wife, Ashley, and I teach our children all the great lessons my parents instilled in me.

Family Tradition of Home Construction

My father worked in construction for a good part of his life. I remember him always saying how much he enjoyed seeing construction jobs completed well. His motto was, “If you’re gonna do it, do it right, or don’t do it at all.” I am proud to live by those words, and I am confident that any of my past customers would agree.

No-Pressure Residential Consultations

I started working in construction as a teenager, and I have been involved in the home construction industry ever since. No matter what construction jobs I worked, I always had a passion for helping people save money. I find it difficult to sell something I don’t truly believe in or feel is the right fit. I say it like it is, and people appreciate that in life. They also appreciate my no-pressure, relaxed demeanor at our home renovations consultations.

Ash and Jerry Throw, owners of Apple Tree Custom Windows and Doors
Precision & Integrity in Home Renovations
Sustainability & Environmental Responsibility
Custom Window & Door Replacement

To learn more about custom window and door replacement projects by Apple Tree, read our FAQs page. Then, tell us how we can help complete your home renovation project in Northeast Wisconsin.